It is your time in 2020đź’Ž

2020 can be the year for you.

This year can be the year of brand new beginnings and extravagance.

It is your year to make.

We are over 1/2 into the entire 2020.

What are you looking forward to most in the latter half of this year?

Start creating it now, and start preparing now.

You still have opportunity to take charge if you are breathing in this moment.

Realize that you are quite powerful and you are a precious rare gem as well.

I know you will be creating value all 2020.

Think of how much you have accomplished personally and professionally so far.

Let that fuel you as you take charge in the present.

Remember the present is a present for a reason.

In this season I hope you are reminded now is your time, and 2020 is your year!

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Resilient Souls

Resilient Souls

Lately I have been thinking about resilient souls.

They are beautiful, but I know they can feel worn.

We endure because the fight must be done.

There is no time to stop living, fighting for a chance at life, and we can’t just cut off this thing known as reality.

How did we get this far?

It is the content of our character and the beautiful part of what is known as human nature.

God made the human soul to be strong, enduring, repairable, and resilient.

It will never change; it is part of every one of our DNA.

Take time to recognize a resilient soul, because we all are trying to carry on (beating all stacked against us as we march forward and along).

Song: We Shall Overcome

Author Note: This song has risen from the depths of my soul due to recent and current political events, occurrences, and brutal murders.

Lyrics to “We Shall Overcome”

We shall overcome, we shall overcome,
We shall overcome someday;
Oh, deep in my heart, I do believe,
We shall overcome someday.
The Lord will see us through, The Lord will see us through,
The Lord will see us through someday;
Oh, deep in my heart, I do believe,
We shall overcome someday.
We’re on to victory, We’re on to victory,
We’re on to victory someday;
Oh, deep in my heart, I do believe,
We’re on to victory someday.
We’ll walk hand in hand, we’ll walk hand in hand,
We’ll walk hand in hand someday;
Oh, deep in my heart, I do believe,
We’ll walk hand in hand someday.
We are not afraid, we are not afraid,
We are not afraid today;
Oh, deep in my heart, I do believe,
We are not afraid today.
The truth shall make us free, the truth shall make us free,
The truth shall make us free someday;
Oh, deep in my heart, I do believe,
The truth shall make us free someday.
We shall live in peace, we shall live in peace,
We shall live in peace someday;
Oh, deep in my heart, I do believe,
We shall live in peace someday.


Justice Served

There will be justice served.

There are no doubts about it.

Nonviolent or by any means.

It had to come to this.

Could us as the human race avoid this?

Human nature has always existed.

Imperfect people, who can fix this?

No race is the wrong race, and there should be no underdogs.

We can not get away forever with historically pushing others down to get ahead.

There will be tragic endings, and some things sad.

Until one day every human being realizes- every neighbor is your equal and you must look each one eye to eye.

What to do when put to the test?

I don’t know all the ins and outs about where you stand in life today, but I do know that eventually we will all be put to the test.

It is a reality of being a human, and evolving over time.

And it actually is a positive thing to have your faith, courage, and tenacity put to the test.

The creator created us to stretch and multiply.

Being a stagnant dormant is very unappealing and you can avoid that completely ever happening to you.

Here are a few suggestions for how to act when life puts you to the test:

1. Don’t run. Walk away for a second, but please do not run.

2. Respond, and don’t overreact. Take a split second to make conscious decisions.

3. Suck it up. Give yourself an attitude check, tend to your emotions. Everything has already been written!

4. Find help if you need it. There is always help available, or around the corner. Practice communicating your needs ( and even your wants).

5. Believe in yourself. Never doubt the value of self. You matter more than you could ever imagine.

6. Pay attention. Pan in on what is being said, done, and felt. Life lessons can be gleaned.

7. Act Courageously! Don’t act in fear, but instead build up your faith and allow that to control your thinking and acting.

I have given you 7 suggestions. and I know that all of these listed are practical ways to combat the tests life sends our way.

Remember this, tests are only seasonal.

How serious are you?

How Serious Are You?

You better get serious!

Don’t keep waiting to get in the driver’s seat.

Time is way too precious to waste.

It also is one of the most precious things there is.

In December I will be graduating with my Bachelors Degree in Psychology at the age of 20.

Isn’t that amazing!

What is your story? Testimony?

Everyone of us have one.

Take life serious enough to be responsible and accountable.

You are a precious entity.

But how serious are you?