Chase those dreams you have!

Chase those dreams

If you aren’t chasing your dreams, tell me why.

There is a reason you know.

No one was ever born a failure.

We become who we are for a reason.

One day you will wake up and realize the importance of chasing those dreams you have!

I hope it isn’t too late darling child.

I hope by then you aren’t a lost and helpless child in a adult body.

Don’t suppress when you can start doing what you are meant to today.

Don’t tell yourself lies and excuses like dreams are for kids or it is too late.

Love yourself enough to be exactly who you are!

Stop dying for validationđź’Ż

Come on girl!

You don’t need anything or anyone to validate you.

I know complicated feel kinda good, and being lavished with likes, acceptance, and attention feels good!

But, that just might be a quick fix.

In the longterm life is about so much more.

Today might be the perfect day for you to realize this, and Stop seeking external validation.

Instead, work on being the best confident version of yourself.

Also, don’t forget to choose love, happiness, and intentional thinking/living!

There is nothing you should ever fear.

False Evidence Appearing Real

That is all fear is.

It creeps into the mind, and it will control you if you don’t restrain it.

You might be asking: “How can I restrain something such as fear?”

Well, I think you need to be reminded you are a powerful human being and creator.

Don’t let up, and never give up!

Fear may come as a thief in the night, but always have your guard up.

Stop fear in its tracks; make it shut up and listen.

Get really serious about being fearless and unstoppable!

If you knew who your creator was you wouldn’t live a life controlled by fear and complacency.

Instead you would drive fear straight into the abyss of nothingness.

There is nothing you have left to fear at this point, friend.

Don’t Let Up (Ever)!

There is no time to let up.

I know you are being pushed from here to a fro.

Sometimes feeling like there really isn’t anywhere to go, it all becomes more complicated than it should be.

The last thing I will advise you to do is to let up.

Never let up on your God, faith, dreams, hopes, beliefs, vision, and desires.

Believe that you can manifest a life designed for You.

A lot of what you become from here on out is due to how you play the cards you have been given.

Simple as that.

Start with what you have, and don’t look back or complain.

Grieve if necessary, and feel how you feel.

But, don’t let up and make every day count moving forward.

Eagles are born to soar

Soaring on a new level

You are currently soaring on a new level higher than ever before.


What you are doing, what you are capable of, and your value is unmatched.

Do you know that you are like the eagles, meant to soar?

The highest mountains you can climb, and you can survive every valley in your life.

Be invested in the process Daily, and don’t only look around you for the source that revitalizes daily.

Look above, and don’t entertain low level entities (you can’t exist as your higher self with those).

Be sure you aren’t compromising!

Determine to soar and fly high everyday.

Live life in a decisive manner, and never lose sight of the core meaning life has revealed to you.

Every season brings a newer process to endure.

Brace yourself for naysayers

Naysayers have always been around

Naysayers have been around for almost forever.

Nothing can change that.

Naysayers have their rights just as you have yours.

Just never catch yourself on the same side of the fence in their place.

Your potential is far beyond being a typical naysayer.

You are not average, friend.

Ignore them, avoid them, forget them, and overlook their tactics.

It is all meant to erode your character, distract you, and weary your little soul.

Go after your vision, dreams, and the desires for happiness you have defined.

You are only responsible for your righteousness and your character, never anyone else’s.

In 2020 naysayers may rise!

Brace yourself for these as they come, and don’t willingly give your precious mind, time, and energy away.

It is your time in 2020đź’Ž

2020 can be the year for you.

This year can be the year of brand new beginnings and extravagance.

It is your year to make.

We are over 1/2 into the entire 2020.

What are you looking forward to most in the latter half of this year?

Start creating it now, and start preparing now.

You still have opportunity to take charge if you are breathing in this moment.

Realize that you are quite powerful and you are a precious rare gem as well.

I know you will be creating value all 2020.

Think of how much you have accomplished personally and professionally so far.

Let that fuel you as you take charge in the present.

Remember the present is a present for a reason.

In this season I hope you are reminded now is your time, and 2020 is your year!

Resilient Souls

Resilient Souls

Lately I have been thinking about resilient souls.

They are beautiful, but I know they can feel worn.

We endure because the fight must be done.

There is no time to stop living, fighting for a chance at life, and we can’t just cut off this thing known as reality.

How did we get this far?

It is the content of our character and the beautiful part of what is known as human nature.

God made the human soul to be strong, enduring, repairable, and resilient.

It will never change; it is part of every one of our DNA.

Take time to recognize a resilient soul, because we all are trying to carry on (beating all stacked against us as we march forward and along).

Song: We Shall Overcome

Author Note: This song has risen from the depths of my soul due to recent and current political events, occurrences, and brutal murders.

Lyrics to “We Shall Overcome”

We shall overcome, we shall overcome,
We shall overcome someday;
Oh, deep in my heart, I do believe,
We shall overcome someday.
The Lord will see us through, The Lord will see us through,
The Lord will see us through someday;
Oh, deep in my heart, I do believe,
We shall overcome someday.
We’re on to victory, We’re on to victory,
We’re on to victory someday;
Oh, deep in my heart, I do believe,
We’re on to victory someday.
We’ll walk hand in hand, we’ll walk hand in hand,
We’ll walk hand in hand someday;
Oh, deep in my heart, I do believe,
We’ll walk hand in hand someday.
We are not afraid, we are not afraid,
We are not afraid today;
Oh, deep in my heart, I do believe,
We are not afraid today.
The truth shall make us free, the truth shall make us free,
The truth shall make us free someday;
Oh, deep in my heart, I do believe,
The truth shall make us free someday.
We shall live in peace, we shall live in peace,
We shall live in peace someday;
Oh, deep in my heart, I do believe,
We shall live in peace someday.