What to do when put to the test?

I don’t know all the ins and outs about where you stand in life today, but I do know that eventually we will all be put to the test.

It is a reality of being a human, and evolving over time.

And it actually is a positive thing to have your faith, courage, and tenacity put to the test.

The creator created us to stretch and multiply.

Being a stagnant dormant is very unappealing and you can avoid that completely ever happening to you.

Here are a few suggestions for how to act when life puts you to the test:

1. Don’t run. Walk away for a second, but please do not run.

2. Respond, and don’t overreact. Take a split second to make conscious decisions.

3. Suck it up. Give yourself an attitude check, tend to your emotions. Everything has already been written!

4. Find help if you need it. There is always help available, or around the corner. Practice communicating your needs ( and even your wants).

5. Believe in yourself. Never doubt the value of self. You matter more than you could ever imagine.

6. Pay attention. Pan in on what is being said, done, and felt. Life lessons can be gleaned.

7. Act Courageously! Don’t act in fear, but instead build up your faith and allow that to control your thinking and acting.

I have given you 7 suggestions. and I know that all of these listed are practical ways to combat the tests life sends our way.

Remember this, tests are only seasonal.

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