You are Enough

It is a new year and we are all trying to focus on being new us.

Improving ourselves, working on ourselves, and adapting more and more to what appears to be an increasingly changing world and society.

There is something you must come to grips with, I mean we have to come to grips with.

You are enough, We are enough.

We will change, we will grow, we will age, and we will be challenged daily.

It part of the human cycle and you will endure it just as you are.

Love yourself today and not tomorrow.

Hunger pains are part of leaving the old behind and embracing the new.

Some things will have to be faced eventually, and there is no flee way out or escape.

But why try to escape when you are enough, you are brave, and you are perfect in being.

Remember as we travel in 2020 You Are Enough💪🏾

Life is a Prize

Life is a Prize

Have you not realized it yet?

You are not living coincidentally.

You are a ball of intentional energy.

Realize it alive or you lose the chance this go round.

I hope you choose the former over the latter.

2020 stands for newness. Not tomorrow, but today.

Start living as if life is a prize.

You are being rewarded everyday God instills breath into your nostrils.

Just by being here you are gaining energy, and having monumental effect.

Life is a prize.

Life is a prize.

Conquer the days.

You have the God-given right to live a satisfying life full of hard-work and rewards.

That is sometimes the simpler part of the solution to comprehend.

On the other hand your responsibility is to figure out how will you live your life as a conqueror.

Only you can decide.

It isn’t good to expect others to make you happy everyday or expect others to trade in their dreams for you.

You have a very powerful will love…

It is your responsibility to find that will and allow it to set off.

Stop holding back so much.

Please re-evaluate the stories you have been telling yourself about life, losses, failure, heartbreak, and struggle.

Tap into all of your gifts, strengths, talents, and interests.

How will you conquer the world during your lifetime?

The Battle of Opinions.

Your opinion is not my reality.

We each have a right to our own opinion.

It is really stressful dealing with strongly opinionated individuals.

They don’t know where there nose ends as the old saying says.

It is like too much time invested in trying to dictate the minds and lives of others.

I will not waste my time and life trying to dictate others in this society.

Think about how it would feel if someone gave themselves permission to dictate your life (all of it).

It is completely unfair and unsatisfying.

There will be people who will take advantage of us, accuse us, blame us, and even try to create bitter conflict.

Stand your ground, but learn how to override negativity and gravitate to the positive things instead.

Positivity enriches the mind, body, and soul.

Conflict and stress certainly does not.

Areas we struggle.

There is this one area in my life that I am currently struggling in (okay, maybe two).

If only we could all be perfectionists. Maybe the world would be a much better place now, right?

The truth is as I shared on Instagram the other day we are all imperfectly perfect.

What if we never completely stop struggling?

What if we must still embrace our struggles and live happy lives?

I have come to the conclusion that struggles can strengthen us.

We certainly can overcome many of the struggles we struggle with.

Unfortunately, we can’t completely eliminate death, sickness, aging, war, etc.

Everyday remember that you are never disqualified because of any struggles past or present.

People may say so, society may say so, and media may so.

Decide how you will use your personal and private struggles to grow into being all that you can and deserve to be.

Move on and be happy

There is no happiness in holding onto dead things, situations, relationships, and places.

For awhile we can’t see through the smoky mirrors, but give it some time and we begin to release that the worst thing we could decide to do is stay and remain “dead.”

Believe me, if you are going through this I know how you feel.

This transitional phase isn’t always predictable, but it definitely is pointing us in the direction of something greater.

Don’t keep forcing yourself to stay and be happy in dead arrangements.

Gain some courage, and then you will continue to gain more in each step you take.

Move on and be happy sis/bro! You deserve it.

Chase those dreams you have!

Chase those dreams

If you aren’t chasing your dreams, tell me why.

There is a reason you know.

No one was ever born a failure.

We become who we are for a reason.

One day you will wake up and realize the importance of chasing those dreams you have!

I hope it isn’t too late darling child.

I hope by then you aren’t a lost and helpless child in a adult body.

Don’t suppress when you can start doing what you are meant to today.

Don’t tell yourself lies and excuses like dreams are for kids or it is too late.

Love yourself enough to be exactly who you are!

Stop dying for validation💯

Come on girl!

You don’t need anything or anyone to validate you.

I know complicated feel kinda good, and being lavished with likes, acceptance, and attention feels good!

But, that just might be a quick fix.

In the longterm life is about so much more.

Today might be the perfect day for you to realize this, and Stop seeking external validation.

Instead, work on being the best confident version of yourself.

Also, don’t forget to choose love, happiness, and intentional thinking/living!

There is nothing you should ever fear.

False Evidence Appearing Real

That is all fear is.

It creeps into the mind, and it will control you if you don’t restrain it.

You might be asking: “How can I restrain something such as fear?”

Well, I think you need to be reminded you are a powerful human being and creator.

Don’t let up, and never give up!

Fear may come as a thief in the night, but always have your guard up.

Stop fear in its tracks; make it shut up and listen.

Get really serious about being fearless and unstoppable!

If you knew who your creator was you wouldn’t live a life controlled by fear and complacency.

Instead you would drive fear straight into the abyss of nothingness.

There is nothing you have left to fear at this point, friend.

Don’t Let Up (Ever)!

There is no time to let up.

I know you are being pushed from here to a fro.

Sometimes feeling like there really isn’t anywhere to go, it all becomes more complicated than it should be.

The last thing I will advise you to do is to let up.

Never let up on your God, faith, dreams, hopes, beliefs, vision, and desires.

Believe that you can manifest a life designed for You.

A lot of what you become from here on out is due to how you play the cards you have been given.

Simple as that.

Start with what you have, and don’t look back or complain.

Grieve if necessary, and feel how you feel.

But, don’t let up and make every day count moving forward.