It is your time.

In life we are born.

In life we grow.

In life we become a child.

In life we go through our teenage years.

In life we become grown.

See that beautiful but complex process we all have to endure.

It is true that a flower never blossoms over night.

Blossoming is a process that takes time .

You my darling, is that flower.

Only deal tenderly and delicately with yourself.

Don’t neglect or criticize the person you are, the person you are becoming.

There isn’t any other flower as special as you are.

I know sometimes it feels like you vs the world.

The truth is the world needs you right now.

That is why you are here!

Now it is your time.

Bloom as big as your eyes can see.


There is power in trust.

By the way, sorry The House of Empowerment has been away for a month. We really did miss you😊

There is power in trust.

There is also power in being unable to trust.

Trust yourself, those in your circle and realm who prove to be trustworthy, and God.

Since kids we have used the words trust to convey we really liked someone or we really felt close and connected with someone.

In the real world trust gets tested. It just does.

A relationship can be smooth sailing, sailing right along, and then all of a sudden the ride gets a little bumpy or maybe to bumpy.

What do you do? What do we do?

Ask trust.

How does trust relate to the issue? The person? The relationship? The struggle.

Because surrender is apart of trust. I mean that kind of deep trust, not basic level trust.

That is why I emphasize trust in yourself and where you are leading life or maybe where life is leading you.

Deal with mistrust, broken trust, and trust that has long been fed up with being hurt.

We all have every right to protect our minds, hearts, and bodies.

Still, trust is a main factor.

Setbscks vs Comebacks

Happy SuperSoulSunday!!

Also, welcome to the House of Empowerment. This is the place you can come and be empowered anytime of the day you like.

Seriously, you will be greeted at the front door with smiles and invitations to come again☺

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I posted a SuperSoulSunday on my website, and on these I always give incredible soul moving messages. Today I talked about setbacks.

As writers we have to trust the process of being a writer. That means we allow the pen, heart, and mind to lead us in all we write.

This gets to the title! A setback vs a comeback.

Setbacks are hard to deal with. At the time we are dealing with them they seem negative and harsh. We feel ready to move forward and overcome all the odds. But this is near almost impossible when we are presented with setbacks.

What if a setback is allowed by God? Which means we are being tested in areas of our lives that can be built up?

On this SuperSoulSunday think about the setbacks you have dealt with throughout your life journey.

Think about who was there at the time, why you was going through all you went with, and where you was in your life.

Fast forward today. Is your life the same? Is your life better? Have you overcome those setbacks?

Setbacks can be temporary or they can be trials that allow for greater maturity.

Setbacks are not the end of the world, and we all will deal with them at least 1,2, or 3 times in our life.

Sincerely, Hannah

You Can Do It, But There is…

Hello beautiful people! Welcome to the House of Empowerment. This is where you can come and be empowered.

And do we need empowerment? Of course! We need as much as we can get.

Let me start by restating what is in the title of this article. You can do it, but there is….

You can do it. You can do it. You can do it!

Just repeat that three times or as many times as you need to.

In the present moment we have been given opportunity to do anything. Time is the most expensive gift. We need to get to know it more, and cherish it.

You have been given a whole lifetime ( depending on fate, choices, and your environment) to do what you need to do, what you want to do, and what you feel like doing.

You can do anything. But there are some things that will not work out as planned or even as hard as you fought to have it be. We also learn sadly that the one thing in life we will not succeed at doing is controlling others and making them like us.

In those situations you can still do it. You can calm down. You can laugh at how you tried so hard to manipulate or control someone who really didn’t matter that much in the long term scheme of things. You can work on loving yourself, focusing on yourself, and perfecting your self relationship. You can connect with others that love without force and control, and appreciate you for who you truly are.

I don’t know what all of you around the world has to do, but I know you can do it.

Once we know we can do it, what happens next?

We begin to do it. We decide that we have more to gain by doing it than to lose, and on the other hand we also have more to lose than to gain by not doing what we can/have to do.

The doing never gets easy, but the plus is that it gets more simpler and automatic. Isn’t life a beautiful but crazy experience?

I leave you today with good news: You Can do it, but treat life like a journey instead of a race. I have to remind myself this reality everyday when I sometimes begin to feel uneasy.

Remember you can do it. Even while life seems to be denying you permission in personal or private areas.

Be Patient with Yourself

Quick question? How come we are so patient with everyone else except ourselves? Weird right but I must say I am guilty of doing that. We need to learn to be patient with ourselves first you know for example this month we covered opportunities but in the same breathe everything takes time and that’s okay, don’t get frustrated with yourself pray about it rather.

I’d rather we have opportunities we waited paitently for than the ones that we get all worked up over. Again be patient in this process. Trust that God will see you through this time of waiting for your opportunity

Be kind. Be PATIENT. Be love😘😉


Hello, Good morning!

Welcome to the House of Empowerment.

The place where you can come and be empowered.

In August this blog has been focusing on Opportunity. Which is very essential to focus on, because opportunity meets us at expected and unexpected times in our lives. While we can’t control everything that happens to us, we must be prepared for opportunity when it is ready to present itself.

Go! I ask you to go find opportunity, seek opportunity, and ask for opportunity. Opportunity often is waiting for request. Please give opportunity permission. Take advantage of your opportunities (which are unique to you), and exhaust your opportunities.

You Prayed for it… Are you prepared for it 🤔

Hey guys, hoping everyone is well❤️❤️❤️

This month has been about opportunities and I’d just like to touch base on what Hannah spoke about last week. If you are not prepared for the opportunity it will go to someone who is👀 when you think about it its quite scary. I mean hear you are praying for a God given opportunity and when it comes your way because it’s not wrapped up in what you had imagined or you are not prepared for it chances are you will not be able to TAKE ADVANTAGE OF IT

Our God is an intentional God who deals with intentional people so if you pray about an opportunity you better be preparing yourself for it, read books, research more anything to equip you so that when it comes you can really take advantage of it.

In your praying remember that you are waiting EXPECTANTLY on the Lord so do yourself a favour and prepare, God is a gentleman yes but if you show lack of interest a true gentleman walks away😉

Be patient. Be kind. Be love

Happy Wednesday 🌹