Brace yourself for naysayers

Naysayers have always been around

Naysayers have been around for almost forever.

Nothing can change that.

Naysayers have their rights just as you have yours.

Just never catch yourself on the same side of the fence in their place.

Your potential is far beyond being a typical naysayer.

You are not average, friend.

Ignore them, avoid them, forget them, and overlook their tactics.

It is all meant to erode your character, distract you, and weary your little soul.

Go after your vision, dreams, and the desires for happiness you have defined.

You are only responsible for your righteousness and your character, never anyone else’s.

In 2020 naysayers may rise!

Brace yourself for these as they come, and don’t willingly give your precious mind, time, and energy away.

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