Self Care doesn’t come second.

Self care doesn’t come second

I know you are busy.

I know you are leading.

I know you are showing out and showing off.

I know you are busy giving your best performance.

Don’t put self care last.

Yes, I have been exposed to this idea a lot while in college.

By the way, attend a school that emphasizes stuff like self care.

What happens when you stop caring for yourself in the best way possible?

Things will become disheveled.

The outside reflects the inside.

You want both to be aligned.

In 2020 I don’t want to hear about you putting yourself last.

I want to hear about proportionality, balance, and management.,

It all pays off🥂

It all pays off

It will all workout for your good.

Keep believing, keep striving .

Keep resting, keep trusting .

Remember life requires balanced skills.

Which I know you have it, and you can do what is necessary.

Focus on developing a positive mindset, that must be a main priority.

Especially if that is your weak area in the present.

Take back your God-given power and reflection.

Look into the truth, and discover your self at the core of who you really are.

That self which isn’t fake self or just an image.

Take it all in second by second, moment by moment.

Take it easy, but sometimes the race will get intense also.

Be prepared.

The best is yet to come💪🏾

Wasted Life

Wasted life

How you feel is not by coincident honey!

It is not by chance.

Life is to specifically bound together by complicated processes for all of that.

The wasted life is a tragic life.

Let me repeat: The wasted life is a tragic life.

If you are running from something you must eventually face it.

Unfortunately, while we love to escape those things that cause us the most pain, suffering, and sadness we can’t run from life.

Life doesn’t let us get away unscathed.

And why should it?

We are strong, powerful, able, and the most intelligent of Gods creation.

No life was meant to be wasted.

Wasted life is the tragic life.

Life is a Prize

Life is a Prize

Have you not realized it yet?

You are not living coincidentally.

You are a ball of intentional energy.

Realize it alive or you lose the chance this go round.

I hope you choose the former over the latter.

2020 stands for newness. Not tomorrow, but today.

Start living as if life is a prize.

You are being rewarded everyday God instills breath into your nostrils.

Just by being here you are gaining energy, and having monumental effect.

Life is a prize.

Life is a prize.

You are Enough

It is a new year and we are all trying to focus on being new us.

Improving ourselves, working on ourselves, and adapting more and more to what appears to be an increasingly changing world and society.

There is something you must come to grips with, I mean we have to come to grips with.

You are enough, We are enough.

We will change, we will grow, we will age, and we will be challenged daily.

It part of the human cycle and you will endure it just as you are.

Love yourself today and not tomorrow.

Hunger pains are part of leaving the old behind and embracing the new.

Some things will have to be faced eventually, and there is no flee way out or escape.

But why try to escape when you are enough, you are brave, and you are perfect in being.

Remember as we travel in 2020 You Are Enough💪🏾

There is room to pause

Think about that.

There is room to pause. Stop. Let go.

It is hard as hell, but it is most certainly possible.

I challenge you to pause several times throughout your day and week.

Live beyond worldly demands, attitudes, and expectations.

Instead just be who you are.

Natural and weight free.

See how good it feels!

What are you waiting for?

In the past you waited.

Today you are still waiting, but now you have been waiting far to long.

What should have been a day long wait, month long wait, or year long wait has became a 5 years wait.

Hold on, the saying says time waits for no one!

The old saying also says time is precious.

After all this time you have been waiting for that one day have you forgotten this?

It isn’t too late if you are conscious and reading this article.

God has deemed you fortunate and blessed.

But there is a journey that you must continue to travel, and it will not always be smooth and one way.

Tap into your inner spiritual self and pursue religion that brings salvation and fulfillment.

You will find meaning, realize your true purpose, and never take another day for granted.

I ask you again: What are you waiting for?