You are Enough

It is a new year and we are all trying to focus on being new us.

Improving ourselves, working on ourselves, and adapting more and more to what appears to be an increasingly changing world and society.

There is something you must come to grips with, I mean we have to come to grips with.

You are enough, We are enough.

We will change, we will grow, we will age, and we will be challenged daily.

It part of the human cycle and you will endure it just as you are.

Love yourself today and not tomorrow.

Hunger pains are part of leaving the old behind and embracing the new.

Some things will have to be faced eventually, and there is no flee way out or escape.

But why try to escape when you are enough, you are brave, and you are perfect in being.

Remember as we travel in 2020 You Are Enough💪🏾

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