I hear the words Go!

How much longer do we have left to wait?

How much longer will we wait to Go?

If you haven’t got amped about your purpose and calling during this seasonal lifetime, why not?

What is preventing you from going forth into the room God has prepared for you?

You have to start shifting if you feel stuck, disempowered, or discouraged.

There is no time left to waste along the journey.

Keep going, keep listening, keep moving, and keep remaining still, strategic, and calm.

All of us have great expectations and challenges to look forward to in 2020.

Isn’t that the most beautiful thing about life?

We can embrace challenges, because we have high expectations for ourselves and the life we are choosing to live day by day.

You can Go now or Go later.

But in life we are meant to keep going and moving forward in time.

Time shouldn’t irritate us or intimidate us, but we must become aligned with our real authentic soul.

Time isn’t constraining and time isn’t fast or slow.

Time is just what it is, and we must keep watch of the times but don’t become fixated on time.

Realize you are a spiritual being honey, and that means you exist in more than one realm.

The soul is whispering Go, and you must not neglect spirit another day.

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