Don’t fear change!

I see you.

You have dealt with more than your own fair share of setbacks and opposition.

Something that you once relied on so heavily to get by and be happy has went away or fell off.

Things are not the same, and you must face it.

There is a quote that says the only thing constant in life is change.

Look back on your life starting this second. How has change made you feel?

Life is a constant revolve of acceptance, adaptation, and admittance.

These three are crucial to your survival, so get good at all three. As a matter of fact get great at it.

I am pretty sure 2020 has some big changes coming all of our way.

There is no running, hiding, or lying that can stop these changes from changing us, the world, and our lives.

Get ready to embrace change like never before.

Change is going to happen so be prepared to take it on and not let it defeat you.

Stand up to change, don’t stand down.

Don’t fear the changes that are going to take place in these next ten years.

Change is not opposition, but it is only the engine that keeps the universe and life moving forward.

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