It is up to us

So much of life is up to us.

I learned this lesson at the peak of my childhood.

It hit me like a Gulf hitting the West Coast.

I know only those who have been through it can really comprehend the weight.

Some refute us and say it was our minds and not reality.

Really they are lacking in compassion and can’t relate. Which is sad because we have all experienced pain, struggle, and troubles.

Why are people so afraid of those who have been bullied or have suffered from depression?

While I don’t necessarily put myself into either categories I can understand living with the weight of such heavy existences.

Through anything we face in life or through anything we deal with, if we survive it is up to us.

It is up to us what we do after the trials and tribulations have come to a close. Because they can and they will, but sometimes only God can pull us through.

Some people are reluctant to fall on God’s grace. Which I find very sad, because they don’t realize God is in each and everyone of us. But first he has to be recognized.

If all you recognize is your human identify then that is fine, but you still have a spirit and soul while you are alive and breathing.

Even though I am a Christian believer and spiritualist I have learned through being here, being alive, and being awoke that this life is mostly up to us.

In many cases some people never get a chance to live in their short lifetime, and some people give up before they even begin to live. It is a tragic cycle and circumstance.

Some great advice I want to share with you today is that it is up to us. There are two paths ( though it seems like there are more): one is narrow and one is broad. Start walking today and find the path that you are called to be in. Only you will ever fully know that, besides God.


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