Setbscks vs Comebacks

Happy SuperSoulSunday!!

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I posted a SuperSoulSunday on my website, and on these I always give incredible soul moving messages. Today I talked about setbacks.

As writers we have to trust the process of being a writer. That means we allow the pen, heart, and mind to lead us in all we write.

This gets to the title! A setback vs a comeback.

Setbacks are hard to deal with. At the time we are dealing with them they seem negative and harsh. We feel ready to move forward and overcome all the odds. But this is near almost impossible when we are presented with setbacks.

What if a setback is allowed by God? Which means we are being tested in areas of our lives that can be built up?

On this SuperSoulSunday think about the setbacks you have dealt with throughout your life journey.

Think about who was there at the time, why you was going through all you went with, and where you was in your life.

Fast forward today. Is your life the same? Is your life better? Have you overcome those setbacks?

Setbacks can be temporary or they can be trials that allow for greater maturity.

Setbacks are not the end of the world, and we all will deal with them at least 1,2, or 3 times in our life.

Sincerely, Hannah

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